Season Five: Building Overflowing Relationships

Healthy romantic relationships don't just happen by chance. They take hard work, but with so many pressures on us from all sides, sometimes the happily ever after seems so out of reach. This season Karl and Filip talk with guests about some of the different ways that we can build relationships that are life giving and overflowing.

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Ep 38. Why Get Married & What to Look For with Ranela Kaligithi

In this episode Ranela Kaligithi, a therapist-in-training, joins us again for another conversation to share why she thinks marriage is still a worthwhile commitment. We explore some key things to look for in a romantic partner as well as some red flags, dealbreakers, and other dating and marriage hot topics.

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Ep 36. Understanding Attachment Theory with Dr Torben Bergland

Dr Torben Bergland joins us for this episode as we learn about Attachment Theory and how it impacts our relationships. We learn about the four attachment styles, which types typically end up in relationships together, and discuss whether or not attachment styles are problems that need fixing.