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When it comes to the engagement season, most of us probably think about planning “the big day” but it’s important to be preparing for marriage, not just a wedding celebration. On this episode we’re back with our friends, Jo and Laia, recent newlyweds. Karl has a conversation with them to discover the process they took in preparing for the beginning of their marriage. They share some myths and mindsets they had to overcome, conversations to have and questions to ask, and healthy ways to feel supported through the process. They also talk about wedding stresses, gender roles, learning to share a space, and who should pick up the dirty socks!

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The Man Enough Podcast
Therapy and Theology podcast series from Proverbs 31 Ministries

Connect with our Guests

Jo and Laia just recently got married and have taken on the challenge of living an overflowing life seriously. Jo has a ministry background, and is currently using his creative talents in the media production at Loma Linda University Church. Laia just graduated with a Masters in Social Work and brings those skills to her relationships and to this conversation. You can find Jo on Instagram at @jo_amaya and Laia at @laiabamaya.

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