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Season Three: Stories of Overflow

Occasionally we interact with people who seem to be living a life that is truly overflowing. Their joy is radiant and their love is almost tangible! In this season, we're talking with some of these kind of people to hear their stories of personal transformation and learn their secrets to living from the overflow.

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Ep 34. How to Help People with Depression and Anxiety with Jamie Stodola

In our season finale on anxiety and depression, Karl and Filip ask Jamie what the best ways are to reach out to others who are struggling. We learn ways to ask friends how they’re really doing, and to empathize—not sympathize—with those who are hurting.

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Ep 28. How We Can Identify Anxiety with Jamie Stodola

Anxiety is both a mind and body experience, but we often just focus on the mind. In today’s episode, Jamie Stodola, LMFT, teaches us the seven different types of anxiety and how they manifest in the body. We discuss Jesus’ advice to a woman who was anxious, and when it may be a good idea to seek professional help.

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Ep 27. Spirituality, Psychology & Why We All Need A Therapist with Jamie Stodola

The Bible isn’t quiet about seeking good counsel, so why does the church seem to be? Our guest, Jamie Stodola, a licensed marriage and family therapist, is back with Karl and Filip to unpack common hangups Christians have with counseling and why it’s so important to find someone who is Christ-focused.

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Ep 26. Mental Health: What’s the Big Deal? with Jamie Stodola

Even before the global pandemic, the prevalence rates of anxiety and depression around the world have been steadily rising. So this season, Karl and Filip are talking with Jamie Stodola, LMFT to learn how we can fight back towards an overflowing life. This is part one of the conversation.