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Season Three: Stories of Overflow

Occasionally we interact with people who seem to be living a life that is truly overflowing. Their joy is radiant and their love is almost tangible! In this season, we're talking with some of these kind of people to hear their stories of personal transformation and learn their secrets to living from the overflow.

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Ep 48. Living Out Your Part in God’s Story with Benjamin Lundquist

In the last episode of this series, Benjamin Lundquist reminds listeners that their lives are part of God’s grand story. He urges them to embrace discomfort, step into the unknown, and recognize their unique role in highlighting Jesus rather than living as the heroes of their own story.

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Ep 47. Living a Life That Counts with Benjamin Lundquist

In the penultimate episode of this season, Benjamin Lundquist discusses the dual calling in life. He emphasizes following Jesus as the primary calling and finding purpose in the life given to us as the secondary calling. Drawing lessons from Nehemiah’s story, he offers guidance to young adults on discovering their life’s purpose.

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Ep 46. How to Build a System of Habits with Benjamin Lundquist

In the third episode of the series, Benjamin Lundquist provides a five-step process for personal and relational growth. He emphasizes the significance of creating a new vision and developing supportive habits. His practical steps offer guidance for making meaningful progress in important areas of life.

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Ep 44. The Power of Knowing Your Identity with Benjamin Lundquist

In this first episode of Season 6, Benjamin Lundquist discusses the power of knowing one’s true identity. He highlights how easily people forget who they are and encourages listeners to embrace their identity and worth as declared by God. He also shares four practical steps to make changes in your own life.

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Ep 43. Why Wait for Sex? with Angela & Carson Blair

Carson Blair, a former pro-baseball player, navigated many locker room conversations about why he was saving himself for marriage. His future wife, Angela, was also having similar conversations… but on a dating show! On this episode they share their journeys towards purity despite the pressure from today’s culture and highlight how grace factors in to purity as a practice.

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Ep 42. Preparing for Marriage with Jo & Laia

When it comes to the engagement season, it’s important to be preparing for marriage, not just a wedding celebration. On this episode with Jo and Laia, recent newlyweds, Karl asks about the process they took in preparing for the beginning of their marriage. They share some myths and mindsets they had to overcome, conversations to have and questions to ask, and healthy ways to feel supported through the process.

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Ep 41. Setting Healthy Boundaries in Relationships with Jo & Laia

Sometimes Christians focus only on sexual boundaries in dating, while neglecting the many other types of boundaries. Our guests this week, Jo Amaya and Laia Burgos-Amaya, share with us their own learning curve with boundaries. We also talk about “pressing reset” and healing when it comes to boundary violations.