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As much as we hate it, every relationship has conflict. For this episode, Karl and Filip are joined by Communication Professor, Dr Heather Thompson Day to discuss how to handle those “crucial conversations” that inevitably come up in romantic relationships. She shares practical ways to prepare your mindset before going into a difficult conversation along with some ways to keep communication open while you’re in the thick of things. Heather also shared some stories behind her book, It’s Not Your Turn, and how taking on a patient mindset has helped to shape her relationships.

Resources Mentioned

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It’s Not Your Turn by Dr Heather Thompson Day
Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss
Words Can Change Your Brain by Dr Andrew Newberg & Mark Waldman

Connect with Heather

Dr Heather Thompson Day is a communication expert, author, and an associate professor at Andrews University. She has been a contributor for, among others, Christianity Today and the Barna Group, and has written 7 books; including It’s Not Your Turn, and Confessions of a Christian Wife. Heather runs an online community for women called I’m That Wife and hosts a new podcast with Christianity Today called Viral Jesus. You can learn more at her website or follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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