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Carson Blair, a former player for the Boston Red Sox, navigated many awkward locker room conversations about why he was saving himself for marriage. He had no way of knowing that his future wife, Angela, was also navigating similar conversations on a dating show! Now happily married, Carson and Angela describe their journeys towards purity despite the pressure from today’s culture. They discuss myths about sex with Karl and Filip, and highlight how grace factors in to purity as a practice.

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Self Authoring from Dr Jordan Peterson

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Carson, originally from Texas, played baseball professionally for over a decade for teams like the Boston Red Sox and the Oakland A’s. Angela, also from Texas, has worked in media as a TV personality on Fox Sports, NBC, CBS, and other networks and was a contestant on NBC’s dating show, Ready for Love, where her decision to wait was a hot topic. She enjoys covering stories with an intersection of faith and entertainment, and now has her own podcast, All Strings Attached, discussing sex, marriage, relationships, and other things much too sacred to leave to chance or our appetites alone. You can follow her on Instagram @officalablair or TikTok @officalablair find her podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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