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Storyteller Kaleb Eisele champions those who may not otherwise have a voice. Bothered by impersonal ministry styles in the churches around him, Kaleb simply began to listen to and connect with people. His ministry, Humans of Adventism, shares the gritty, heartwarming, true-life stories of those he meets. Karl and Kaleb talk about recognizing the humanity in those we don’t understand and how to be good listeners.

Resources Mentioned

Benjamin Lundquist’s Leading Yourself Well PDF
Humans of Adventism website
Humans of Adventism documentary series

Connect with Kaleb

Kaleb Eisele is a creative social entrepreneur and the founder of the Humans of Adventism brand. He is an active listener to the stories of those commonly misunderstood, overlooked, or ignored. You can find his HoA work on Facebook and Instagram or follow his personal accounts here: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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