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Season Three: Stories of Overflow

Occasionally we interact with people who seem to be living a life that is truly overflowing. Their joy is radiant and their love is almost tangible! In this season, we're talking with some of these kind of people to hear their stories of personal transformation and learn their secrets to living from the overflow.

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Ep 40. Navigating Crucial Conversations in Relationships with Dr Heather Thompson Day

As much as we hate it, every relationship has conflict. For this episode, our guest Dr Heather Thompson Day shares how to handle those “crucial conversations.” She shares practical ways to prepare your mindset before going into a difficult conversation along with some ways to keep communication open while you’re in the thick of things.

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Ep 38. Why Get Married & What to Look For with Ranela Kaligithi

In this episode Ranela Kaligithi, a therapist-in-training, joins us again for another conversation to share why she thinks marriage is still a worthwhile commitment. We explore some key things to look for in a romantic partner as well as some red flags, dealbreakers, and other dating and marriage hot topics.

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Ep 36. Understanding Attachment Theory with Dr Torben Bergland

Dr Torben Bergland joins us for this episode as we learn about Attachment Theory and how it impacts our relationships. We learn about the four attachment styles, which types typically end up in relationships together, and discuss whether or not attachment styles are problems that need fixing.

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Ep 35. Battling Mental Illness: Derek Glatts’ Story

In this bonus episode, Karl and Filip sit down with Derek Glatts to learn from his experience of being diagnosed with depression, then anxiety, and finally OCD. We talk about the thought patterns and habits that have helped or hindered him, and he shares how he’s using his story to pour life into others.

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Ep 34. How to Help People with Depression and Anxiety with Jamie Stodola

In our season finale on anxiety and depression, Karl and Filip ask Jamie what the best ways are to reach out to others who are struggling. We learn ways to ask friends how they’re really doing, and to empathize—not sympathize—with those who are hurting.